My name is Roland Pierik, I am Associate Professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam Law School. In addition, I am an associate member of the Philosophy Department in the Faculty of Humanities and affiliated with the PPLE Bachelor programme (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics). Moreover, I am associate editor of the Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, co-director of the Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence, and one of two Deans for PhD students (Promovendi-decanen) of the Law School.

My research interests concern the intersections of legal philosophy, political theory, law and public policy, with a special interest in contemporary liberal theories of justice and their application in plural societies and the globalizing world. My recent work focuses on human rights, the rule of law, religious diversity, and cosmopolitanism.

In 2013 I was affiliated to the Centre for the Study of Social Justice of Oxford University. Before that, I was a visiting scholar at University College London (2005), Columbia University (2004) and Ottawa University (1997-1998).

Before I came to Amsterdam, I taught political theory at Radboud University Nijmegen and legal philosophy at Tilburg University.

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